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All Souls’ Day celebrates and honours the dead. According to Catholic belief, when people die, their souls go to one of three places: heaven, hell or purgatory, which is thought to be where most people end up to be cleansed and perfected before they enter heaven. It is primarily a Catholic holiday but it is also celebrated within a select few other Christian denominations.

All Souls’ Day is held on multiple different days depending on the sect of Christianity. In Western Christianity it is held on 1 November. Beliefs and practices associated with the day vary greatly depending on sects and countries.

To add a Facebook All Souls’ Day Frame to your profile picture, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the: profile picture frame feature
  2. Search and select the frame you want on the left side. You can search for:  “All Souls’ Day“ 
  3. If you want to switch back to your old profile picture without a frame select the time you want to switch back.
  4. Click Use as Profile Picture to save
All Souls’ Day Facts & Quotes
  • There are three major branches of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. Roman Catholic has approximately 1.2 billion members; Protestant has 800 million and Eastern Orthodox 300 million.
  • The custom of a special day to remember the faithfully departed on November 2 was first established by St. Odilo of Cluny at his abbey of Cluny in 998.
  • Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Over 33% of people in the world identify as Christians and more than 72% of Europeans identify as Christians.
  • To remember the dead, many cultures prepare meals for the souls of the dead, light candles or leave flowers on family graves and some pour holy water or milk over tombstones.
  • The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher.

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