Facebook Marked Earth Day With Profile Picture Frames and a Camera Frames – Photo Frame

Facebook marked Earth Day this past Saturday with profile picture frames from nonprofit organizations and an Earth Day-themed camera frame.

Director of sustainability Bill Weihl said in a Newsroom post that:

  • Nearly 1.6 million users planned to participate in Earth Day activities via Facebook events.
  • More than 1 million are members of Earth Day-related groups.
  • People used nature-related emojis twice as much during Earth Month (April) than in March.
  • The top topics co-occurring with Earth Day were happiness, love, climate change, Earth and environmentalism.
  • The top languages used to celebrate Earth Day were Spanish (Día de la Tierra), German (Tag der Erde), Italian (Giornata della Terra), French (Jour de la Terre) and Vietnamese (Ngày Trái Đất).

Weihl also updated the social network’s sustainability efforts:

For an entire year of one person’s Facebook use, our carbon footprint is less than the impact of boiling water for one pot of tea (355g CO2e)*, and in 2018, our goal is to have at least 50 percent clean and renewable energy in our electricity supply mix for our operations.

He described Facebook’s two Earth Day features:

  • Profile frames: People can find a nonprofit organization’s frame and add it to their profile by visiting facebook.com/profilepicframes or by tapping on the “Add Frame” button on your profile picture.
  • Camera: People can express themselves by creatively enhancing their photos and videos using an Earth Day-themed frame.

Source: adweek

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